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User Interface
You prefer to work on improving the aesthetics of an app, but also understand how to put together a user flow.
User Experience
You understand how to put together the IA of an app or website, create user journeys, and conduct user research.
You're well versed in illustrator, 3D, have an eye for good photography, colors, and type.
You can design, but you also have the ability to oversee a product end to end, while taking into account business goals.
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How much does Sumpixel cost?

Sumpixel is 100% free for designers. We make our money by charging startups a fee for saving them time by connecting them with the best talent around.

Can I take more than one type of quiz?

At the moment, we limit quizzes to one per designer. We do this to help us focus on what you do best when connecting you with startups.

What happens if I do not pass the quiz?

If you take our quiz and design challenge but do not pass, you will be given feedback on where we think you can improve and the opportunity to retake it in 30 days.


Designers love Sumpixel

Dave Simmons
"Before Sumpixel, I would have to spend 3 hours a week doing design challenges just to get turned away. Taking the Sumpixel design challenge connected me to 5 opportunities."
Antonio Romano
"Company culture means a lot to me, and I'm glad that it matters to Sumpixel too. I was able to find a good fit for my career in less than a month."
Sydney Correa
"I was looking for a remote job. Most recruiters I spoke to didn't work with distributed teams. Sumpixel does, and helped me find the perfect fit."