Find the best designers

Reduce your time to hire or place a candidate by over 50% using Sumpixel.

Sumpixel is a directory of skilled UI, UX, Brand, and Product Designers

Our design team pre-vets every designer with a quiz, design challenge, and portfolio review.

Who is Sumpixel for?

Spend more time closing leads and less time finding talent. Sumpixel handles designer discovery and skill assessments.
Find the best designer for your team without having to break the bank.
Stop wasting time with the wrong candidate

Designers come with a variety of different skillsets. Sumpixel helps you connect with designers that match your needs.

Discover top talent

Sumpixel's single design challenge opens your door to designers who wouldn't spend their time completing challenges for multiple companies.

Find diverse candidates

Sumpixel's background blind assessments help you remove bias from your screening process and let you access a more diverse set of designers.

What you get

Designers with predictive skills that you can trust