The Sumpixel Manifesto

The hiring process for designers is broken

Here are the values that we stand by at Sumpixel:

1. A degree doesn't define success

Education is meaningful, but your ability to get the job done and solve design problems is more important. Too many companies pass up on good designers because of this prerequisite.

2. Opportunity should be equal

Design challenges should be standardized and free of bias. We have a list of criteria that we use to objectively asses our design challenges.

3. Process > Portfolios

Your ability to problem solve and come up with creative solutions matters more than having an incredible portfolio. The reality is some designers don't have the freedom and time to market themselves, and a lot get over looked because of this.

4. Feedback Matters

If you take one of our design challenges, we'll give you feedback on what we think you did well and where we think you can use some improvement.